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Our website features a collection of vibrant stock photos carefully chosen to enhance your healthcare education experience. These captivating visuals are designed to inspire and engage prospective students like you. We believe that a visually appealing learning environment fosters enthusiasm and dedication to your healthcare career goals. Explore our CNA, phlebotomy, and medical assistant healthcare education opportunities today!

About LSFH

At our healthcare training institution in Decatur, GA, we offer convenient CNA, phlebotomy, and medical assistant classes. This image of our front door showcases the accessibility and ease of joining our educational community and visiting our Decatur training school. With our comprehensive programs, we're here to guide you on your healthcare education journey every step of the way. Visit us today to see in person our commitment to quality education, career advancement, and personal growth in the healthcare field!

About Us

Life Solutions for Health is privately owned and established as a LLC by a native of Decatur, Georgia, with a vision to improve the education in surrounding communities by offering healthcare-related training skills. These skills will lead an individual to gainful employment in advanced careers. We offer flexible schedules for the working adult, with day, evening, and weekend classes available.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower students of diverse communities to provide quality of care and optimal clinical abilities in service of a variety of healthcare settings. Graduates will be able to function safely and efficiently to meet the needs for highly skilled allied health personnel. The administration and staff of Life Solutions for Health’s training facility are committed to striving for excellence in today’s changing healthcare society.


Educational Objectives

It is the goal of Life Solutions for Health to provide healthcare facilities with compassionate, dedicated, and trustworthy providers in this revolutionizing healthcare society. Through each of the offered programs, Life Solutions for Health aims to:

  • Align training fundamentals with current market and industry demands
  • Provide health education awareness to surrounding communities to improve healthy living and socioeconomic outcomes
  • Equip students with the mental and technical competencies necessary to obtain certifications and positions in allied healthcare fields



The Life Solutions for Health training facility is located at 4798 Flat Shoals Parkway in Decatur, Georgia. It is properly lighted, heated, cooled, and ventilated throughout all common areas and classrooms. The building, lobby, offices, and restrooms are accessible for those students with physical disabilities. The grounds are well-maintained with ample parking. Our facility is located in a safe area, and we take all reasonable steps to ensure student safety. As a non-residential facility, we do not provide housing for students. Life Solutions for Health is a smoke-free campus.


There are two combination lab/classrooms in our facility. One lab/classroom is dedicated to Nursing Assistant training. It contains a life-sized mannequin, patient bed, and general nurse aide supplies, including blood pressure cuffs, bedpans, and transfer belts. The second lab/classroom is used for the Phlebotomy Technician and Medical Assistant training programs. Venipuncture supplies, including evacuated collection tubes and a variety of needle types, are available for Phlebotomy training. A microscope, a centrifuge, and medical charts are available for Medical Assistant students. In addition, there is a separate lab space with an exam table and EKG machine with leads for Medical Assistant training. Class and lab areas are adequate, safe, and conducive to quality training. All equipment is up to date with current field requirements and is regularly inspected, well-maintained, and replaced as needed. Drinks and food are not allowed in lab areas. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

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